Don Dishes is a PNW-based rapper (writer, producer, and beatmarker). Don infuses his cross-cultural ancestry with an instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or connection. Serving up range as his artistic epitome. Don is motivated by healing the wounds of the past and cultivating a substantial impact. Spending his youth embracing the stage with homemade CD's, led to performing at the West Seattle Summer Fest, opening for Nappy Roots, and the Spotify release of Cadillac Nightmares in 2019. All a modicum of Don’s resume. Don Dishes pairs substance with melodic vibes to emote in a smoke-filled room.

Upcoming Releases

DQ Vol 1 (Nov 1st)

DQ Vol 1 (Nov 1st)

Don Code (Late Nov)

Don Code (Late Nov)

Recent Shows

  • Summer 2019 - Summer Solstice Seattle - RA Scion, Don Dishes 

  • Winter 2018 - High Dive - Zion I, Don Dishes 

Previous opener for

Dead Prez (2x)

Nappy Roots (2x)

One Be Lo




RA Scion (many)

Zion I